video games

Ben Minto


Video games - favorite media of Milennials and generations after them. Audio Forum has been indeed working hard to keep up with this particular topic, but the year 2018. was the breakpoint, with as much as three game audio-related lectures in three days.

The key game audio talk in 2018. was the one by Ben Minto, Studio Audio Director at EA DICE. Besides being a wonderful person, who offers remote talks himself (he doesn't like flying), Ben has an enviable portfolio. Since 1999, Ben has been involved in series such as Burnout, Need for Speed, Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, Medal of Honor, Star Wars. Almost everything that EA DICE offered in the last 20 years contains work by Ben Minto.

Ben was lucky to share his workplace with his wife, Mari Saastamoinen Minto, Lead Sound Designer at this almost three decades-old game development studio. They both share success of each and every game released!

Ben Minto is a person we'll likely be seeing around a lot. Perhaps once we talk him into visiting us in person!

Scott Gershin

An impressive 30-year old career of this British-American supervising sound editor covers all fields and processes of sound design for audio-visuals.

Scott Gershin is winner of 9 Golden Reel awards, awarded for exceptional contribution to sound editing, BAFTA fot Best Film Sound.
He has been both winner and nominee of plethora of awards like Emmy and TEC. All this should speak for Scott's professional work.

Scott worked on films such as Nightcrawler, The Book of Life, Riddick, Pacific Rim, Star Trek, Shrek, American Beauty.

His portfolio truly stands out especially for works in video games like Doom 2016, Epic Mickey, Gears of War, Resident Evil, Fable.

He leads a VR research and development team in Technicolor, as Technological Leader in the field of multimedia and entertainment.

Maximillien Simard-Poirier


We think that transcribing his name would be pure blasphemy. However, for the sake of convenience: ladies and gentlemen, we give you - Max! He held a talk at Audio Forum 2019 via video call all the way from Montreal, on behalf of a company highly significant to video game sound practitioners - Audiokinetic with their WWISE.

Max is Sound Designer/Product Expert – Developer Relations at Audiokinetic. He helps game developers with usage and licensing of WWISE for their projects. We talked about using WWISE in general as well as what's the good practices in sound implementation in video games. We consider this topic highly relevant to Audio Forum participants since it's still kinda insufficiently popular.

Max's career with sound started in 2010. enrolling into Electroacoustic Studies at Concordia University. After that came the Digital Music program at the University of Montreal. In 2017, Max joined Audiokinetic as Sound Designer – Developer Relations, as an Audiokinetic-appointed person at the disposal to the video game audio community.

Aldo Lamanna


Audio Forum has had excellent relationships with Steinberg. However, it wasn't before 2018. that we finally managed to bring them over into our program. On this occasion, we enjoyed a talk by an awesome Venezuelan guy.

Aldo Lamanna is Product Specialist, MI & Professional Audio at Steinberg Media Technologies - a guy who travels the world preaching the word of Steinberg. At Audio Forum 2018, he held two separate talks: about Nuendo's new ADR solutions and Nuendo integration with WWISE (video game audio implementation software).

Working for Steinberg proved to be logical continuation of Aldo's career. Before coming to Germany from Venezuela in 2012, he worked as live sound and studio technician. After he moved, he was working as musician, studio assistant and mastering engineer. Aldo started working for Steinberg in 2014. when his development as Product Specialist actually began, working in sales and export.

Aldo is a great friend of Audio Forum, so be sure that we'll be seeing him around pretty often!