Audio Forum is an annual audio production conference.

Initially conceived for students from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia; Audio Forum has been widely praised by both stakeholders and outsiders for its quality programming.

Audio Forum provides space for members of the audio community to network,
cooperate and learn.

Its most valuable assets are its speakers: Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, TEC award winners, experts with Holywood experience, and professionals from former Yugoslavia.

Scope of Audio Forum


Sound design, film scoring and mixing film score


Music production, post-production and business

video games

Sound design and implementation, AR/VR/MR

Audio Forum team

Dejan Pejović

Program Director

Aleksandar Manja

Organizational Director

Dino Dolničar

Technical Director

Danica Bojić

Project Assistant

Association MASIV is the organiser of Audio Forum.

It is working towards education in sound design, performance and audio-visual arts, strengthening capacities of artists, leveraging contemporary creativity, promoting creative values, contributing to organization of one's cultural life and towards raising awareness about cultural heritage.

Vision of the MASIV association: Well developed creative equal opportunity society with support for artistic expression and creative work.

Mission of MASIV association: Conducting projects that relate to performance and audio-visual arts to increase the number of aspiring contemporary artists.